How big can it get?

The tile world is growing, not just in the amount of tile being installed but the sizes of the tile now permeating the market. Porcelain tiles for walls and floors are now “super-sized.” Panels as large as 60×120” are not uncommon. There are smaller sizes such as 30×30” and 30×60” that are being used residentially because they can be quickly installed behind a free-standing tub or on a fireplace surround. These gorgeous panels look like marble or travertine. Fewer joints add to the impact and enhance the beauty of the marble.

These tiles are much thinner than expected to avoid the problem of too much weight for the application. At 1/4” to 5/16” thick, these panels are easily managed by a couple of installers using braces for support while adhesives cure. However, with large panel installation comes the need for experienced installers. Pinterest always makes it look easy, but be sure to hire professional tile contractors familiar with the installation and tools required for these materials.

These attractive new products give new meaning to the expression “Go big or go home!”